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There are numerous methods on how you can record your acoustic guitar and produce great range of sounds. But regardless of the techniques that you use and number of mics involved, there are few things that you must be mindful about to ensure that what you get is the optimal result.

Tip number 1. Never Place the Mic Directly in the Guitar’s Hole

This one seems intuitive when playing acoustic guitars but the sound hole act as a fire house for the sound waves generated by your instrument.

Placing your microphone directly to it will have the detail washed out by bass frequencies.

Tip number 2. Put Your Microphone 12 to 16 Inches Away

Now, you just don’t position the microphone on such distance anywhere you want. There’s a technique here. To ensure that you are going to achieve that balanced sound and capturing the high end, position it from the 12th fret.

This is referred as the “money spot” when recording acoustic guitar. This said area offs the sound hole that goes toward the guitar neck and providing an even more balanced tone when playing. As a matter of fact, numerous experts agree that this position is the best way of capturing more pleasing sound that is true to the instrument’s tone.