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Would you like to know how to write and record your own music? If yes is your answer, then you ought to know what “rights” you have in the actual music itself as well as rights you might have in recording of your music.

Copyright protection is designed to provide protection both on the sound recordings of music and musical compositions as well.

These are all defined under US copyright laws as distinctive and separate right. At the same time, you need to learn about the difference between it as the owner of one might not be the same on the other.

Recording Your Music

In case that you are recording music on your own like on a CD or cassette, you may protect the actual recordings by filing Sound Recording or SR Form with Library of Congress. This will safeguard you from whatever unauthorized activities revolving around your sound recordings.

Rights to Ownership

How is it possible for different people to have rights on different copyrights? You might have rights with the underlying composition but the other may be allowed to record your music. Accordingly, you might not own the recording of the song that’s recorded by someone else. The only thing that’s yours is the composition.