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Back in early days of recorded music, the musician must first have access to a pricy recording studio and not to mention, hard-to-find musical equipment. This is essential to perform and record it in a tape. These days however, things have changed differently.

Recording environment is almost accessible to everyone.

Anyone who have access to a computer system or even yet, a tablet or smartphone powerful enough can do your recordings.

The catch is, this will require the correct and reliable use of software.

Music recording software can be installed either on your computer or on your smartphone. After doing so, you can start recording audio, edit the duration of the composition and even add effects to add character to it.

Digitalization on the Rise

DAW or Digital Audio Workstation is a program that lets you sequence and record audio. Almost all DAWs serve a representation of audio recording as a graphic waveform. This becomes tall whenever the music is loud and short if it’s quiet. As the music is playing back in your DAW, waveform is scrolling from the right to left.

Digital instruments on the other hand are instruments in which the sounds are being produced from computer software. There’s no need for a digital audio converter or mic just to produce sounds with your digital instruments.