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There are different types of Digital Audio Workstation or simply as DAW. Some of these include Logic, Ableton Live, FL Studio or Cubase which could be confusing. There are few tips that can assist you in coming up with a smart decision on which DAW will best fit your needs.

Following is a brief guide that can help you out.

What’s Your Purpose?

Big number of major DAWs are now covering the bases including but not limited to:

  • MIDI
  • Effects
  • Instruments
  • Pitch Shifting and;
  • Audio Tracking

Still, it is a case that some have certain level of strengths and these come to play when deciding which one to get.

How Much Can You Pay?

With some exceptions, DAWs are available in entry level.

The premium version has complete features needed and great variations from the entry level.

Almost always, entry levels are cheaper and have robust core feature set leaving the advanced stuff behind.

Are You Moving Around Multiple Projects?

If you’re working in a studio and plan to complete the entire projects, this is fewer problems to deal with. If you are planning to mix in other locations, then get a DAW together with batch export of stems. This can literally save you hours of work.