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As soon as you’ve understood the elements that go in a hip-hop bet, you can start integrating music software on your computer in creating your personalized beat and then, save in a music file format. Being able to understand the anatomy of such beat is a culmination of instruments such as:

  • Lead
  • Support
  • Bass line
  • Drum line

Timing is Everything

A lot of hip-hop instruments are actually based in a 4/4 time.

What this mean is, every measure has a four beat in it. Simply put, one measure may have a drum line, hat, snare and clap every play before resetting for another measure.

Most of the time, hip-hop beats are the combination of kick, hat, clap as well as snare drum effects. On the other hand, 808 drum or bass guitar can be used for your bass.

What is the Purpose?

While rap and hip-hop focus on spoken words than the actual singing, there are hip-hop artists that are treading the line between R&B and Rap in their songs. If you like to have portions of beat devoted into singing section, you might consider changing the lead and support of the instruments in an effort to complement the section.