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There is a big difference between having an ego-driven mindset and constructive criticism.

It is encouraged to speak your mind out but you have to beware when speaking turns into preaching.

You will not see agreeing with the client and you must be mindful whether or not they need your advice.

Pushing and forcing your people could drive people in the wrong way. Simply because that you think you have outsmarted someone, does not indicate that you are better than them. Put your common sense into play. You have to know when to shut your mouth and when to give out your opinion.

About Your Gears

As for the gears and equipment that you are using, one thing that is very important to take into mind is to ensure that it is maintained on a regular basis. This is a responsibility that comes with studio ownership. The way you are dealing with it is equally important in creating world-class music.

The Politics that Goes into It

When you run and operate a studio, you have an inevitable responsibility to socialize with people. If you’re not one, owning studio might not be the best match to your personality. This is something that you have to take into mind.