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A shortcut for a person to learn composition is by means of memorizing small fragments of music. Then after, being able to change and combine fragments in distinctive ways. But to do this, you must understand what it really takes to know about composition.

The Path wouldn’t be Easy

If there’s something that you should know about composition, it’s the fact that this is a process and it takes time. The process would be tough and difficult but that is fine.

Everything will begin with your background knowledge and basically, everything that you have learned or known about music until this moment.

Then, you have to focus on a specific composition skill one at a time. This may be something as basic as writing notes correctly or as serious as an entire symphony. On the other hand, if this is your first time, it is best that you start with small skills. Actually, this helps a lot in providing you with smooth process.

Give Yourself a Reference

Whenever inspiration strikes you, new composers typically don’t have any issues in coming up with new ideas. The problem kicks in when artists can’t find any inspiration to get started with their work. It is vital that whenever you come up with an idea, save it, put it in a note or whatnot. And then, use your skills and ideas to come up with a finished piece.