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Songwriting and composing are both difficult to achieve and yet, an integral part to create music. Essentially, they’re the same thing but composition leans more on classical or instrumental works.

Songwriting, on the other hand, is more of contemporary music.

Music at Your Reach

There are many ways to compose music. Depending on how involved you are in the composition and actual composition itself, it can be rewarding or demanding. Your first inspiration for music could come in different forms. Every songwriter or composer takes advantage of unique techniques to get inspiration to complete a certain piece.

But most, it falls down to 4 aspects including Lyrics, Melody, Harmony and Structure.

Lyrics – these are basically the words of your song. This is one you speak to your listeners. This lacks of musical instrument and lyrics are often song and it needs melody.

Melody – this is the main theme or tune of music. It helps in telling a story. While it’s deemed to be the essence or backbone of musical work, melody sounds will be incomplete without putting harmony.

Harmony – considered as the progression of chords in music. It is providing this distinctive background for melody. It gives strengths and context which is critical for composition.

Structure – for this one, it’s the sections of how songs are arranged next to each.